After a whole week of being sick and generally not feeling well enough to work on anything, I’ve finally gotten back to hacking on some Habari code.

I’ve been up until about 5am the last two mornings working on a variety of things. Yesterday included a plugin directory plugin that hopefully will eventually find a home on the Habari servers providing directory and update notification services. I also had the opportunity to track down an obscure database class error while helping add some new tag merging / renaming functionality.

This morning I’ve been hammering away at a new database schema for Oracle. All in all there aren’t a lot of changes, but things like the lack of auto_increment fields1 made it a very time-consuming process.

Tomorrow I hope to get some more work done on Oracle support (hopefully allowing me to test a running blog, if not the installation and other backend functionality) and finish some updates I’ve had planned for the Monthly Archives plugin for far too long.

At some point in the next couple of days I would also love to rearrange my desk. Unfortunately that means I first have to clean it off, which is a much larger task than it should be…

  1. Or the convenient SERIAL data type in Postgres which emulates the trigger / sequence functionality. 
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