In the past on this blog, I’ve supported Ron Paul for President and Chris Dodd for fighting the FISA immunity bill. Throughout both, I’ve always realized that there was something uplifting and inspiring about Barack Obama, but have been unable to put my finger on it.

Thanks to Nick Harris of NewsGator’s Inbox product, I no longer have to wonder:

After you’ve enjoyed the motivating musical adaptation, I encourage you to watch the entire speech, given by Obama after the New Hampshire primaries: Yes, We Can.. The really good stuff starts at around 9:45…

While others constantly demonstrate how wrong our country is and point out the seemingly endless list of things that are broken in our society, Obama has spoken positively of the great things America has accomplished and that it has yet to accomplish. You don’t have to like all of his positions — when was the last time there was a candidate you did? — but how can you deny that this man has our best interests at heart after watching that moving presentation?

While I still think Ron Paul would make an amazing President, it’s clear he’s not going to win this election. Faced with the prospect of a McCain or a Hillary Clinton term, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama represents our best hope for changing the negative path we’ve been on for far too long. So with pride I say: Obama for President!

Yes, we can!

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