I had the opportunity to do some quick WordPress plugin hacking tonight1 for Jim Whimpey. As a “payment” of sorts, he gave me a coupon code for the site he was working on: Panedia Desktop Wallpaper.

Being an Aussie company, obviously, most of their wallpapers are from Australia. Boy do they have some absolutely beautiful scenery down under. Check out the two I selected for my machines:

For my desktop, I got a huge 3200 x 1200 pixel version of Brisbane’s beautiful night skyline:

New Desktop Wallpaper

And for my MacBook Pro, I got a beautiful 1680 x 1050 pixel copy of the Robe Coastline:

New MBP Wallpaper

Stunning wallpapers. Totally worth $25/year to constantly get new beautiful scenes in this kind of quality. I also love the interface that auto-picks the best format for your OS and resolution. Very well done.

  1. I added an additional search option to the Search Everything plugin, enabling it to return all posts in a matching category. 
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