Thanks to the homepage, I found Abdul Online, who gathered a list: You are a nerd when…

So as I read the list, I had to think “Do I really meet these?”, so here goes my response:

1. I have never gotten a boner! Flushed and warm and fuzzy all over is a different story… (That’s 1)
2. OK, whoever started that rumor is a liar! My little buddy never once joined me in the shower! He always waits happily on my bed, looking anxiously at the door to the bathroom… (That’s 2)
3. Uhh, you mean that’s not “normal”? Do they have a medication to help with that? (That’s 3)
4. Only losers compile their own… RPM > j00!
5. Gentoo shmentoo. Fedora 0wnz j00 with its RPM goodness!
6. Hey now… Web 2.0 is the future! If I’m going to get in on the Dot Com Boom 2.0, I’ve gotta keep up-to-date, don’t I? (That’s 4)
7. Uhh… Nerds wear pants? I thought they all lounged around in their parents’ basements in their underwear…
8. I don’t have a smartphone, but does a PDA count? (That’s 5)
9. Next to? I dumped the printer to free up an outlet! (That’s 6.5 for going over the top)
10. Now this one I dispute… Only ditsy blondes do that crap!
11. I can’t argue with you there… boy oh boy… (That’s 7.5)

So does it count if you get 7.5 out of 11? Does that just make me a lesser-nerd? Dear god, say it doesn’t mean I’m “normal”! I really don’t think I could handle that!

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