UPDATE: This post has been superseded by Garland for Wordpress 2.2!

Someone in #wordpress requested a link to the WordPress port of the Garland theme1.

I realized that there probably wasn’t a pre-packaged version of it, so I checked it out of the WordPress.com SVN2 and zipped it up with my own two little hands.

You can now snag the Garland theme for WordPress from http://incoherentcode.com/wp-content/uploads/garland.zip.


Note: Just to clarify, this isn’t a theme I made… It was ported by the folks over at Wordpress.com, I just happened to be the lucky guy to make a zip of it. See here for the announcement of its availability on WP.com.

Update: I’ve moved the location of the Garland download. You can now access the downloads at the links below. Each file is updated daily at 1am to ensure it’s constantly in sync with the current SVN copy — just in case those sneaky devs over at Automattic decide to make any updates!

  1. The default theme in the new Drupal. 
  2. Which seems to be semi-secret for some reason. 
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