So I arrived home around 6:00 the other night and walked in the door to find this huge monstrosity of a padded yellow shipping envelope sitting on the dining room table.

Every time I walk in and see a package (whether at work or at home), I instantly start trying to remember what toys I’ve ordered and what exciting things am I going to get to play with tonight. You know the routine, don’t act like you’ve never done it before!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was my copy of Windows XP Inside Out, directly form and signed by the author, Ed Bott.

Yes, surprised. I know I ordered it, shut up and let me explain, will ya? There were a couple of reasons I was surprised. 1) I didn’t order it through an online retailer, 2) I didn’t expect to get it already, since I only bought it 3 days previously, and 3) it’s HUGE! I had no idea it was such an insanely large book. When I looked at it on Amazon, I don’t recall seeing a page count anywhere (it’s about 1500 pages for those wondering). I honestly expected it to be another one of those 200 page “desk references” that everyone seems so ready to publish these days.

I was wrong. This book covers it all. From automated installs to Group Policies (chapter one and one of the appendices — all I glanced at before dinner). From what I read, it also looks to be very informative and even suitable for bedside reading (assuming you’ve got a crane to hold it up for you).

I’m sure I’ll never write up a full review of the book, but I’ll be sure to comment as much as possible on the parts I do read. I can tell you right now though, this was a GREAT DEAL!

Pick up your signed copy straight from Ed today!

NOTE: Ed will not be back until July 5th or so, so “today” is a figurative term… Go with it.

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