I just posted My NewsGator API Class over on Incoherent Code. It’s about half-way done at the moment, but it’s worth posting, especially if I can generate a little interest in it (and hopefully get some help wrapping it up).

I’d tried to give up on this a few weeks ago, but Gordon Weakliem over at NewsGator found my post and offered to help out some more and get me up and running. He pointed out that they’re now using this API for all of their products as well, which gave me the confidence I needed to put a little more time into my work (since they’re not going to break anything now that they’d have to fix their products as well).

If you’d like to work on this, please have at it! The documentation (what they have) is over here. Please submit any changes you may make to me at chris@doesnthaveone.com!

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