After reading Alex King’s post today about how he uses FeedLounge on a regular basis, I decided it was about time that I gave these guys another go as my regular reader of choice. Throughout their testing phase thus far, I’ve continued using NewsGator as my primary reader, simply because it was always up, and I knew how it was going to behave day after day. When I needed my news, it was there. Now that the FeedLounge guys have some kick ass servers running, it was time to make the switch.

While I was importing my OPML file from NewsGator into FeedLounge, I decided it was time to do some house cleaning. I’d somehow managed to get 108 feeds in NewsGator Online, and was experiencing some total information overload. Not to mention that I’ve realized NewsGator will apparently stop collecting new blog entries after so many unread ones pile up for a feed. For people like Scoble, this can be a problem. Just because I don’t check him one day, doesn’t mean it should randomly stop at 20 entries… He just posts that much guys! Big faux pas guys…

I decided while I was organizing my feeds, I would take some of the tips from over at 43 Folders. Sure they’re meant for organizing your email life, but since I live in my feed reader more than I do my email inbox, I figured it was time to adapt them for my use.

Namely, I created a new tag set in FeedLounge called “blogs-regular-reads”. In it you’ll find people like Scoble, the funny comic Ctrl+Alt+Del, Download Squad, Ed Bott, as well as several other people I always make sure to read on a daily basis, as soon as they publish something. Sure I’ll still skim through all the other feeds I have laying around in other tags, but not nearly as often. The “Regular Reads” group are my A-listers. If I don’t read these guys on a regular basis, I feel like I’m not wearing pants or something… Which makes it really weird reading Scoble’s blog now that I think about it…

After my organization campaign, it was time for some plain old fashioned house cleaning. I know the stats in FeedLounge are nowhere near correct (I don’t have 2,033 unread items… only 100 now), but I’d hazard to guess that I cut out about 20 blogs from my list, bringing me down to a more reasonable 80-ish feeds.

Welp guys, looks like you’ve got another full-time user on your hands. Now where are some cool new features? :)

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