I’ve spent the morning updating my Mint installation, and tracking down some really neat Peppers (ie: plugins) for it. Did you know there was a blog dedicated to Mint peppers? Neither did I.

So since I’ve been updating Mint and adding all these cool new features, it only makes sense that I look at my stats (which I haven’t done since sometime in early December, I’m sure).

As a web author, it’s always pleasing to see that you’ve apparently helped contribute something back to the community - you helped “scratch an itch,” as it were. So I took a good deal of satisfaction in seeing that even now, 2 months later, my entry about burning DMG images on a PC was fairly popular (about 895 hits this month).

Oddly enough, looks like they’ve all come in through links from other sites, not direct search results. Guess I don’t have that Google juice yet…

Ah well, back to the grind…

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