I finally pushed my first open source code to GitHub earlier this afternoon. I’ve actually got several libraries that I’ve put together that would make sense being released, it’s just a pain to assemble them, clean them up, and put together documentation for them.

This first library is a PHP module for the Kohana 3.x branch that provides easier access to a raw PDO object.

The core Kohana database libraries are very cumbersome and don’t let people who actually know SQL write their own queries very easily, so I’ve always had to roll my own DB code. When I made the switch to Kohana 3.x a few months back with a project I was putting together I decided to put my code into a module that I could then link to from each subsequent project, instead of trying to copy it over and over for each use. I created a project on my private git hosting and it’s worked out really well adding it as a submodule.

Hopefully there are other competent programmers out there who are dissatisfied with the DB classes provided by Kohana that might benefit from it being open source…

It’s open source under the Apache Software License, version 2.0, and you can snag it over at its GitHub repo.

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