Well, I don’t personally have any use for it, but I did find this post interesting. I never knew Microsoft had anything that would natively mount ISO images as a Virtual Drive. Apparently neither did anyone else.

I actually tried this on my work pc (what a gamble… it’s not like I’m the system administrator or anything, is it?). The process was long, drawn out, and complicated, but it did work. I was able to mount our Outlook 2000 ISO image from a mapped network drive and hit AutoPlay to launch the installer.

Interesting tidbit… It certainly doesn’t stand up to other products such as Daemon Tools, Ahead Nero or Alcohol 120%, but if you’re in a bind and need something with absolutely no fluff (or want to write a program similar to those above using the MS driver), it should work out.

If you’re too lazy to read the above article, you can download the App directly from the Microsoft Download Center here. It’s a self-extracting Zipped EXE file. Not that it says clearly that it is not supported by Microsoft at all. Use it at your own risk, for all that it could break…

UPDATE: I made a typo in the title… that’s my bad… It’s fixed now.

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