There’s going to be a Habari Hack-A-Thon this weekend to try and get several features wrapped up and as many bugs as possible squashed before a 0.6 release.

The two main features we’ll hopefully be finishing off are ACL and our new, more generic, Taxonomy system.

The current stable major release, 0.5, was packaged up and shipped on July 27th, so we’ve come a long way from that. As many people who still run 0.5 know, most of the plugins and themes currently in use by the community have long since broken as they’ve been updated to work with the latest pre-0.6 SVN code. Here’s hoping the HAT produces some great progress towards a speedy fresh version of Habari.

If you’d like to help us hunt bugs, test changes, or just come by for some witty commentary, we’re always available on IRC in #habari on Freenode. You can use your favorite IRC client, the Habari LiveHelp plugin, or use Mibbit for a web-based client.

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