Back in the FeedLounge Alpha 5 announcement, Alex noted that he needed to update the screenshots on the FeedLounge homepage to include several of the new asthetic changes that had been made to the interface.

Since Alex hasn’t gotten to them yet, and several of the answers in his Answering Questions series could have probably been cleared up with some helpful screenshots, I took it upon myself to waste an hour snapping some quick shots of the best Web 2.0 app I’ve ever been priviledged to use.

Without further delay, here are some of the highlights. (You can check out all 21 of my screenshots in the Flickr photoset here.)

When you first launch FeedLounge, you’ll arrive at the main screen:

FeedLounge - Blank Main Display

From the main screen, you can easily navigate around the interface, displaying feeds and items:

FeedLounge - Viewing a Feed's Items   FeedLounge - Viewing an Item

You can also easily switch to the 3-Column and “River of News” views, using the buttons at the top of the “Items” pane:

FeedLounge - River of News view   FeedLounge - Viewing an Item in the River of News view

Manipulating feeds is about as easy as one could ever hope for. In this example, we’ll check the information for the FeedLounge blog feed:

FeedLounge - Information about a Feed

After noting the “Feed URL” from the display, let’s go ahead and remove the feed:

FeedLounge - Removing a Feed

Click ‘Ok’ to confirm the deletion, and the feed disappears. Since I actually like having a subscription to the FeedLounge blog, let’s add it back now by clicking the “Add” button and filling in the feed’s URL that we noted earlier:

FeedLounge - Adding a Feed

After FeedLounge has added the feed, it will appear at the bottom of our feeds list (note that currently removing feeds is a bit buggy: the feed is simply moved to the bottom of the list and marked as having been removed. Adding the feed back behaves the same regardless.). Now we’ll return to the information panel and tag the feed, so we can keep all of the FeedLounge-related blogs together under the “myblogs-feedlounge” tag:

FeedLounge - Tagging a Feed

Since all of our FeedLounge-related blogs are in a single tag, we can easily read everything related to FeedLounge in one sitting by selecting the tag, rather than an individual feed from that tag:

FeedLounge - Viewing all Items in a Tag Group

And that pretty much wraps up the main features. Again, check out the complete photoset for some more screenshots, including those for the ‘Tags’ and ‘History’ screens, which I don’t have much use for.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment here, or head on over to the FeedLounge blog and ask away - you may be included in the next questions and answers session.

Technical Note: All of these screenshots were created with SnagIt using a heavily-extensioned Firefox 1.5 on Windows XP Pro. As always, your browser’s rendering may be slightly different.

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