I’d been putting it off for weeks now… Somehow I’d gotten duplicates of about 2 dozen CDs in my Music folder. I don’t know if I Consolidated my library in iTunes one too many times, or simply thought I hadn’t imported that music off my other PC or what, but they were there, and I was far too lazy to spend an hour going through deleting duplicate MP3s.

Content to live with these dupes for eternity, Download Squad came to my rescue today when Marc recommended Double Killer, a great little app that will scan any directory structure you tell it, and check for dupes not only by name, but also by size and CRC value.

Marc, you saved me at least an hour of some of the most repetative and boring work I can imagine… I’d say you have no idea how greatful I am, but since you used Double Killer for exactly the same reason, I guess you really do… Thanks anyway!

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