UPDATE: I typo’ed the href= statement for the link. It’s fixed now… If anyone’s still looking.

I know I’ll probably get bashed for using the word ‘Ajax’, but… heh… It’s simple to type…

Call it what you will, I found this cool WWW SQL Designer in the Furl Most Popular list. I really don’t know that I’d ever use it, because I’m old-school and do all this stuff manually, but it’s a pretty cool interface none the less. I love being able to click and drag to form a relation. Very nice tool for some of you SQLers out there!

I’d like to give this link to the dick that teaches my pointless database class, but god knows I’ve probably done enough to hurt my grade in there already… He really is an asshole though. I’ll have to post his response to the note I added to my pointless homework assignment at some point. I think you’d all agree with me that it was totally uncalled for and personally insulting. Hell, maybe I’ll file a formal complaint against him and see if I can get the jerk fired… God knows it’d be doing a favor for any future shmucks that get stuck in his class.

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