I spent 12 total hours banging my head against a maddening problem.

Our DBA at work is off until Wednesday, but we needed to get an export sent to a company by Friday, absolute latest. Promblem is, this export doesn’t take into account a new set of people who have a special plan setup.

In comes Chris. I don’t know how the export’s done, more than that it’s taking Oracle data and spitting it out somehow using a Delphi app. Less than 24 hours later, I’ve added 300 lines of SQL to the export stored procedure, taught myself how to re-compile and test a stored procedure, checked my logic, and fixed the Delphi app so that it’ll spit out the correct fields that I’ve added in certain records.

Re-compile the Delphi project and check everything back in to SourceSafe, and it’s time to call it a day… and by that I mean pick up another project incredibly similar to this last one… Oh no, have I opened a door here?

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