So I’ve owned the domain for over 10 years now (wow!). I’ve historically avoided setting up a catchall email address, since there is only one active email address for the domain (chris@), and it already gets enough SPAM.

A few weeks ago I was pricing out some insurance quotes and found that the companies would frequently email me a copy of the quote, but give no indication of the coverage it was for. Rather than writing everything down, I found it was easiest to setup a catch-all address and use a distinct email address for each quote — just something simple that would tell me which quote it was actually for.

Since then I’ve logged into the account several times, just to see what else had accumulated. Talk about some random and potentially privacy-invading stuff.

Not being one to keep weird things to myself, I decided I would start posting some of these. So in no particular order, here are some random things that have been sent to a made-up email account

  • A confirmation email that Elizabeth had a new patient account created for Premier Urgent and Family Care in Trussville, Alabama.
  • A Verizon Wireless notice for the account ending in 2739 that one of their wireless numbers has used 50% of its monthly data allowance. Looks like their bill cycle just ended on the 23rd, so they’re pretty much screwed.
  • A confirmation of Staples Advantage Order xxxxxxx897 for Benda who lives in a suburb of Houston, TX. I don’t know why she needed a $15 calculator stand or what she plans to do with those 3,000 address labels.
  • A Verizon Wireless notice that the bill for the account ending in 9847 is due. Don’t worry, your $70.30 payment is automatically scheduled for 1/15/2013.
  • A registration confirmation from Time Warner Cable for account number xxxxx4603. Don’t worry, Sharon, I’ve got the FedEx tracking number for your Digital Converter Kit if you need it.
  • A random Sprint “automatic registration link” that’s good for 5 more days. I haven’t used it, if you think it’s yours.
  • A Sprint confirmation that a new device was added for 530xxxxxxx. I’m not sure if that’s actually a phone number or an account number.
  • A Verizon Wireless notice that the bill for account ending in 5136 is due. Your whopping $341.36 payment isn’t scheduled, but you can enroll in Auto Pay very easily.
  • A Verizon Wireless request to verify the email address for the account ending in 2739. I’m tempting to actually try and confirm it, just to help out…
  • A confirmation from Whatcom Educational Credit Union for Edwards. Your Mortgage was successfully added to your E-pay account.
  • A confirmation from Safeco Insurance that the $159.03 payment for account xxxxxxx4640 is pending.

And many, many more… Just as a note, all those account numbers with x’s in them were actually intact.

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