I’ve been considering it for quite some time now as I’ve slowly learned my way around while developing plugins, and with the recent 2.0 launch (and the impending 2.0.1 or 2.1 launch we all know is coming) I’m thinking it may be time…

Has anyone used Wordpress as an actual development platform yet? I mean, it’s got such a kick-ass plugin architecture and everything you need to establish a base infrastructure right out of the box. With a combination of WP’s “pages” and static custom-written files, wouldn’t it be possible to instantly create a site totally unrelated to a blog (which would, oh by the way, happen to have a blog built in already) with very little work and the possibility for infinite expansion and flexibility?

Has anyone out there actually used Wordpress as a fully-fledged development platform yet? Do you know of any sites doing something similar (non-blog-oriented and non-page-based Wordpress installs)?

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