I’m currently considering two purchases… (Read: Trying to talk myself out of spending money on two things I really want…)

What’s that you say? You want to know what could possibly be interesting enough to draw the attention of such an uber cool guy like Chris? Ohh, well, then by all means, read on loyal minion…

Mac Mini
I want a 17” PowerBook more than anything right now, but I figure this would be a good first step to take, right? It would replace my aging iBook (600mhz) as the only Mac in the house and look oh-so-wonderful sitting next to my iPod, right?

I’ve already saved a shopping cart over at Apple’s store containing my baby, with the following specs:

  • Mac Mini 1.42 GHz
  • 512MB RAM
  • 80GB Hard Drive
  • Wireless (Airport Express + Bluetooth)
  • Keyboard & Mighty Mouse Set (wired version)

Now I just have to convince myself to spend the $650, rather than saving it like I keep telling myself I should. Any Mac addicts out there want to help me make my decision? :)

Das Keyboard
Our DBA at work was working from home one day a week or so ago, and called in to ask me to go install VNC on his desktop (he’d recently gotten a new one). I toddle over to do so, and realize that I love his keyboard. It’s really a pretty cheap model, but the keys are so easy to hit (ie: less force required) that it made typing a joy.

Since finding a really good (and comfortable) keyboard is quite difficult these days, I figured it’d be a good idea to go with something that’s gotten good reviews and has some brand recognition behind it. The Das Keyboard was clearly the only choice…

The only problem there is… What if I get addicted to this thing at work and have to buy one for each computer here at home? There’s no way I could afford that!

So those are my wants for the time being. I think I’ve managed to convince myself that I can wait until after Thanksgiving to decide on anything, so who knows… Maybe I’ll get wrapped up in an after-Thanksgiving sale and spend enough to convince me I don’t need either.

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