For several months now, I’ve slowly started telling people not to use Adaware to remove their spyware infestations, and rather to start downloading and installing Microsoft AntiSpyware (still in Beta).

At first, I was somewhat sceptical of an offering by Microsoft in the market long dominated by Lavasoft’s Adaware. As I started actually using the software on various work PCs and other client machines, I realized that it was in fact an excellent product. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, but it also allows scheduled scans (which default to the wee hours of the morning upon install), and includes a memory-resident active-detection (ie: auto-protect) system, something Adaware’s free version seriously lacks.

It now appears that I’m not alone in my recommendation. Consumer Reports just ranked it #1 in the anti-spyware / adware game. This could be very big news for Microsoft, particularly since their OneCare package (virus scan plus other optimization features) seems to be off on the right foot. Now would seem to be the time to release a full-blown (non-beta) version guys… Lots of people will shy away from a ‘beta’ product because it may not work properly. Make a full release, and I imagine adoption will skyrocket!

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