Alright, we’ll try and take a little break from all the legal bullshit that’s been going on with me lately and get back to what really matters this weekend: nerd-speak.

So I was just as surprised as everyone else when I heard that Apple had released iTunes 6 just after releasing 5 (and 5.0.1). It’s quite unusual to release milestone builds within a month of each other at all, much less when they’re not actually ‘milestone’ builds at all… With the added feature set, I think iTunes 6 would have made a very good 5.1 or maybe 5.5 build on the outside… In any case, we’re not here to argue with Apple about the versioning scheme they’re using, we’re here to talk about the final product, regardless of it’s actual number.

The big feature introduced in iTunes 6 was supposed to be the video support for syncing with your new trendy video-capable iPod. Unfortunately, I just bought a 60gb iPod Photo last Sunday, so an iPod video is really out of the question at this point. With the $500 debt still on my credit card, I can’t even con myself into thinking about buying anything else yet.

So with the video prospects out of the way, I’m only left with the other cool feature brought to us via the iTunes Music Store by way of this update: Just for You.

This is really the most exciting feature for me personally, even though it really has nothing more to do with the new version of iTunes than release timing. I’ve been waiting quite a long time for iTunes to start giving me advice about other things I might like. Sure the “Other people also bought this…” lists are good indicators in general of some similar tastes to mine, but I always thought it’d be quite easy for Apple to analyze my previous purchases and pick out some other artists in the same categories and let me weed through them to find others I like.

Not convinced? Give their new feature a try. They’ve already gotten $20 out of me tonight as I really looked at this feature for the first time, and I guess they really can’t expect anything more than that, can they?

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