Since I’ve been getting more and more in to Wordpress lately (hacking, plugging in, etc.), I decided I would pop by the #wordpress chatroom (on and see what went on in there.

Well, not only did I meet a bunch of crazy nerds just like me (who love Wordpress), but it turns out to have been even more beneficial. Not only do I have the off chance to help people who have problems with their Wordpress installs, but just last night I got involved in what turned out to be a very beneficial conversation:

Someone created a #wordpress group on Flickr, to more easily allow us to share pictures that related to the channel and its members. This, of course, spurred a lot of people to trash on Flickr and rave about better alternatives (at least in their opinions).

Gallery 2 was one of the alternatives a lot of people liked (which isn’t really surprising). I’ve had some less than pleasurable experiences with Gallery in the past, and in general try to stay away from it whenever possible… and so I said so.

A couple of people asked me why I didn’t like Gallery, and I told them that in the past I’d had several little gripes about the user experience and some things that weren’t at all intuitively obvious or just plain clumsy.

As it turns out, one of the members of the channel was actually on the development team for the Gallery package and asked for more details and any specific complaints I had, so they could actualy be addressed and possibly improved upon.

Wow, kick ass. I’m networking, geek style! Screw expensive conventions, crowded meeting halls and lengthy plane rides, I’ll network with fellow nerds from the comfort of my wunderbar computer chair!

And now back to our regularly scheduled server migration. I promise this’ll be over soon and I can get back to my normal life…

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