I’ve always loved space (hey, I am a Star Trek nerd after all), and found images of space particularly amazing1. Staring up at the stars was always one of the most relaxing things I could envision, and planets were just amazing sights.

The default wallpaper on the iPhone is a beautiful picture of our home planet Earth, centered so you can gaze upon that beautiful ball any time you want. That’s all well and good, but what if you don’t want to look like a loser using the default wallpaper? What if you want a little added variety in your life?

Well, that’s what I wanted, so I scoured the internet and tracked down the best images I could find of our beautiful solar system. Some slicing, dicing and resizing later and we’ve got a beautiful collection of 9 planets ready for adding to your iPhone and perfectly sized to be a drop-in replacement for our lovely planet.


Ready to Grab some Stellar Bliss?

The easiest way to get all these beautiful images is to hop over to my Flickr set and pick out the ones you want. I’ve also provided a quick-and-easy zip file if you’re as addicted as I am and want to grab them all!

More to Come?

I would love to add some additional stellar phenomenon, assuming I can track down some quality imagery, so stay tuned for the possibility of more images to come. If you’d like to contribute your favorite Astronomy Picture of the Day in iPhone wallpaper form, please post a comment with a link!


I collected the images from all over the web, but NASA was obviously a huge help. Most of these were sliced up from some of their planetary size comparison images. Google image searches provided the rest.

The iPhone Wallpaper Fireworks Template was also a huge help in getting everything sized and aligned properly to show up exactly in the center of the iPhone’s viewable background area. If you’re making your own iPhone wallpaper, I highly encourage you to grab a copy!

  1. Little known fact: I have a moon globe. 
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