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I’ve been asked by a couple people what apps I’m using on my retro original iPhone, so here’s a quick list, in no particular order:

  • iNetworkTest - Speed Testing of EDGE / 3G. Their site even maps your location for each test, which is cool.
  • VoiceRecord - For quick notes. The only thing I ever used regularly on my previously jailbroken iPhone.
  • AOL Radio - There’s a good radio station out of Atlanta that broadcasts through it.
  • Google Mobile - Have yet to actually use this, I just go to Safari, but I keep telling myself I’ll use it.
  • NetNewsWire - Still too horribly slow, waiting for a new version for it to become really useful.
  • Pandora - Works well, even over EDGE.
  • Twitterrific - Free version.
  • WeatherBug - Best weather service there is, and they’ve got apps for every platform imaginable. Interactive radar map kicks ass.
  • Epocrates Rx - More for interest, since I was in health insurance previously. It’s a cool app to play around with for a while, and has limited use after that.
  • Fuel Guage - Calculate your fuel efficiency. Really spiffy.
  • Mobile News - Not particularly useful unless I’m stuck somewhere and bored, then it can be a quick way to get a current events fix, including local news (based on your coordinates).
  • Facebook - Useless, but well done.
  • Bloomberg - The ultimate stock market app. Kicks the default stocks app out of the water.
  • Jott - Transcribe voice notes. You can’t beat that. Have yet to decide if it’s worth replacing Voice Notes or not.
  • Shazam - Listens to a song and tells you the name, artist, etc. That’s so amazingly awesome I can’t even describe it.
  • WordPress - I don’t blog often enough for it to be useful, but who knows…
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