I was finally digging (no pun intended) through the backlog I had of digg items in my rss reader tonight, and came across a couple of interesting things…

Did you know Amazon had a Sex Shop? Neither did I… That’s nice. Now we can all buy our sex toys and everyone will just think we’re getting books or something from Amazon… Convenient!

Also, I found a very good tutorial on how to Kill Spyware. Next time someone tells me their computer is running slow, I’m just going to print this out for them. I might even hand them a CD with all this stuff pre-downloaded on it. I’m so sick of dealing with spyware at work, I out-right refuse to help people clean it up at home. I know it could be a cash cow if I let it, but it’s such a pain in the ass, I refuse to deal with it. Now even a total idiot can fix their problems with the help of this tutorial.

UPDATE: My bad… I was reading so much stuff, I got it confused. This wasn’t actually through Digg, it was through Jason Clarke, who happens to be the author of all 3 of the posts I mentioned yesterday from Download Squad!

Also of some interest was a list of Essential fonts for Designers. Just don’t let any of our Marketing people get ahold of this, because I just had to smack their hands Thursday. They insist on doing absolutely everything in Helvetica New. Even Word templates for our Customer Service Reps to print out and send to people. This is absolutely crazy. I agreed to install Adobe Type Manager on the first 8 machines and install the font, but now we’re talking several dozen machines. It took me an hour to explain to them that in wide-spread applications such as this, every other company in the world uses a font that’s standard in Windows (such as Arial or Times New Roman). I haven’t heard anything else from them about it, so I’m assuming I got my point across.

Just as with my post yesterday about Download Squad having a better interest-to-crap ratio than normal, so has Digg. Still a lot of crap to weed through, but it’s getting better. We’ll have to see if this is indicative of a new trend or if it’s just a fluke…

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