I’ve been idly working on a new theme for this site for quite a long time now. It’s now been pretty much completed, I just can’t decide what to do with the sidebar area. There’s so much somewhat random information that I think should go in the sidebar area that it invariably ends up looking cluttered and becomes a useless mass of text.

I’ve been considering a change in logic. Perhaps instead of placing random things like Flickr photos and Twitter feeds in the sidebar I should take a “gateway” approach (or something similar), in which the first page you see is a list of all the sites I use where you can find their individual feeds. Not only can you get to Flickr or Twitter and find me directly, but you can also click through to continue to my blog.

The only real downside here is that the best URL for such a gateway would seem to be chrismeller.com, which would mean my blog would need to move (either to an entirely new domain, a subdomain, or a ho-hum subdirectory). None of these are really desirable, I like my URL exactly the way it is now.

So the consideration goes on… Eventually I’ll probably just make an impulse decision and throw something up, just to get it out there and get over the decision-making hump.

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