Almost 2 weeks ago now, I wrote a search comparision based on the new FeedLounge feature called “TagThru”.

As noted in that review, I was sadly disappointed that Google showed up absolutely zero results. Now that it’s 10 days later, I thought I’d check back in and ensure that Google was now actually familiar with this new feature.

Possibly even more to my surprise than the original lack of results, were the surprising results I found today:

TagThru - Google 3

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the top search result isn’t the official FeedLounge announcement about TagThru, nor is it Scott or Alex’s blog post about it… Instead, the top result is my Flickr screenshot of the A9 search results that are identical to Google’s failed search.

If you look even more closely, you’ll notice that my blog is the 3rd result, falling behind the official announcement by the FL crew. Surprisingly absent in the first page of results are those from either of the developer’s blogs (they only showed up on the front page in my “Personalized Search” results… whatever that’s worth).

Now that Google’s finally in the game, it seems to still be lagging behind in the relevency results. I imagine Flickr got top ranking because of the popularity of the site and the number of links to a domain across the web… The point is: should it? Yahoo! and MSN still seem to be doing much better in this arena than Google, and I find that quite sad.

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