Continuing the series with random observations as I finish the installation and configuration of Vista on my laptop, I love the way windows fade in and out. It’s very soothing and smooth. I can’t help but notice, however, that the window prompting you if you really want to perform an administrative function (since I’m an administrator) doesn’t fade in or out like that. All of a sudden, bam, your screen is grayed out and you’ve got a new popup window in your face. I know it’s supposed to get your attention, but it seems a tad too abrupt to go with the rest of the overall theme of Vista.

Joining my domain here at home was painless - just like joining the domain with an XP machine. Since I had no physical network connection during setup, I wasn’t prompted to join the domain immediately after setup like you would be on XP. I’m not sure if this functionality exists in Vista as well, but it’d have been really nice if I’d been able to connect to a wireless network and join a domain before logging in the for the first time. Since my wireless did actually work as soon as a logged in, I don’t see why that couldn’t be accomplished. I guess you also have to consider that most comapnies running a domain are going to have some type of rollout process that will have an automated script do all the leg work. Low priority, sure, but it’d be a nice addition if you ask me…

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