Want to know the one single feature I wish they would add to the iTunes Music Store?

A Buy All Songs button for anything that is supposedly a “Partial Album”. Now, I have a feeling this is some kind of legal mumbo jumbo bullshit, since they have this exact button on all their iMixes, etc. ie: “We don’t mind you selling these songs, but the CD compilation is ours, and we want more money if you sell it all at once.” or something similar.

Still, it’d be a nice feature, and it would save me 20 clicks (10 for the “Buy Song” button on each song, plus 10 for the “Are you sure you wan tto buy this song?” button on each song). And you’d be surprised how often this actually happens. It’s one of those things you don’t think much about until it’s not there.

Better still, how about a way to select multiple songs and then tell the iTMS to “Buy Selected Songs”? I like this idea even better. Not only does it help get around possible legal issues, but it would allow me to select the 3 songs I want and buy them as a batch (no, this is NOT your “shopping cart” mode. That still requires me to individually add a song to my cart, which doesn’t accomplish much).

So when will Apple stop sueing people who talk about their products in the blogosphere and actually start listening to them instead? Yeah, that’s what I thought…

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