I’ve been watching web server stats like a hawk, mainly for the lyrics site I previously mentioned, but also for my blog itself. I decided to start doing updates on the 15th and 30th of the month, just to let people know how things are growing (my blog’s seen a big jump).

  • Incoherent Babble - 118 Unique Visitors (screenshot)
  • Lyrics at Dacnomm - 875 Unique Visitors (screenshot)

I’m still absolutely blown away by the number of people who check out my Lyrics site. As I expected, the logs indicate that there’s not a whole lot of repeat traffic, but that’s not really the point there. The raw numbers are still so amazing…

And my blog… Frankly, I’m even more surprised at it than I am at the Lyrics stats. I know I don’t have 118 friends reading it (I might have 20, tops). Thanks to a couple links (that came about after my trackbacks) from Webfeed Central and Mark Jen (the Plaxo-ish incarnation), it appears that my readership has grown a good deal more than I expected. I still never expect to get too many dedicated readers, but it’s somewhat satisfying knowing that there are a few people who come back time and time again to read the random crap I spout… Thanks to all of you!

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